Moving within Swiss borders, as well as in Italy or between the two countries has never been so easy. Thanks to our long experience, we will make your removal or your transportation a positive and serene experience: you will not have to worry about anything. On the contrary, our staff is at your service to give you solutions and clarifications about any doubt you might have; they will be able to carry out every task, from the bureaucratic ones to the practical ones. You will not have to undertake heavy tasks anymore, take technical information or contact friends and relatives to do what you could easily delegate to us. Our reliability and professionalism is witnessed by the use of innovative equipment and highly trained staff, which meet readily our customers’ needs. Our company is at the top of the sector and we deal with every kind of removal: in fact, our staff will take care of assembling and disassembling the furnishings, packing furniture and their content, disassembling curtains, chandeliers, etc.




Our services

C-traslochiamo offers many services for the end customer, to make the removal easier and to guarantee maximum security.


- Noleggio piattaforme aeree

- Servizio di imballaggio

- Copertura assicurativa

- Traslochi interni svizzeri

- Traslochi Svizzera- Italia

- Montaggio e adattamento arredi

- Traslochi di Abitazioni

- Traslochi Aziendali

- Traslochi Industriali

- Aerial work platforms for rent
- Packing service
- Insurance cover

- Removal within Switzerland
- Removals Switzerland - Italy
- Assembly and adjustment of furnishings

- Household removals
- Office removals
- Industrial removals



Our tips


When to move?

Fixing the date of removal in advance, say about 2 months before, will give you the assurance to have a good availability of dates; booking at the very last moment, especially in high season (May, June and July) often means you should adapt to circumstances or pay more for the same service. Then, the removal date should be fixed in advance with respect to the definitive change of the dwelling; in this way, annoying misunderstandings and setbacks could be avoided. Therefore, your workload in the actual days of the removal will be reduced.

It is possible to receive at home beforehand all the packing material that is needed, including boxes of different sizes, bubble wrap tape, adhesive tape; you had better mention it when you request an estimation. Please always request what our company already provides: the insurance cover as stated in the contract and the use of external elevators to transport materials, unless it is not from ground floor or from first floor. We will also request the authorisation for temporary occupation of public property, if we place the elevator on the street.

How long will the removal last?

The time we usually require is:

- one day for packing fragile objects
- half a day for disassembling the furniture and their content
- half a day for the unloading and the reassembly
- half a day for opening the packs and placing the contents.

Why rely on a removal company?

Do-it-yourself is always a big risk, implying a waste of energy, health and time; actually, requesting an estimate costs nothing and it will be a pleasure for us to give it to you.

The estimate will let you judge the expertise and the services we provide, which could be beyond your possibilities.
In any case, you should keep in mind some fundamental steps.

- Before leaving home, take meter readings of gas, electricity, water and all the services you have used before

- Once you are in your new house, if you have chosen a removal company, check carefully the state of your furniture and objects, and notify immediately to the company any irregularity. Together with other features, this makes easier and safer to move by resorting to a removal company.

- It is necessary to tackle a few preliminary steps before moving, so as not to be unprepared on the removal day. The boxes containing the emergency kit, personal care items and personal effects should be close at hand. 

- A removal company cannot refuse your presence during the removal; if they do it, you had better mistrust such a company. One possible solution to all the problems is to take pictures of the state and the amount of pieces of furniture and objects, especially precious and valuable items.  

- You should never leave unattended boxes containing valuables and documents.

- Medicinal-products boxes should be treated with great care; they should be kept at suitable temperatures and they should not be exposed to excessively hot or cold temperatures. Ideally, you could use a portable refrigerator during the journey.

How can I organise my removal?

The place for the removal truck

It is better to choose together the location of the truck, since one should pay attention to several aspects, which are sometimes neglected by people who move for the first time, such as: it is often necessary to have a certain gap between the window/door and the truck in order to place the leveller; or, if it is necessary to use a portion of the spaces around the house you need a written request, according to the Traffic Code.

Do I have to inform the people living in my building?
It is recommended to address a written request to the building management for the extraordinary (and temporary) use of common areas, after you have checked what the condominium rules say about the use of elevators, lifts and common areas.

Is it possible to ask for an inspection?
It is necessary that the person in charge of the removal inspect the place in order to assess the extent of the work to be done.

Who will enter my house?

For this reason, it is important to choose a reliable and competent firm, careful in the choice and training of the staff, since the removal implies moving and handling furniture and private objects by technicians and workers.
We are convinced that, before hiring a company, it is recommended to visit their headquarters, know the owners in person and speak face to face about the work to be done.

Can I transport pets?

Of course, but an introductory note is needed: we should give the best possible comfort to our pets friends during the removal and make sure they do not escape.
Anyway, you can also leave the pets in the house garden or in the backyard, once the people living in your building have given you the permission, or transport them first and let them live already in your new home, in a separate portion. Otherwise, the pets could temporarily stay at your relatives’ place, friends’ or in animal homes. The latter is perhaps the best solution since they will be comfortable and you will be free; it is essential to ensure they will not have any chance to escape, that is why you should check doors and gates.
If fish or birds stay in bulky or heavy cages or aquariums, it is better to put them for a while in smaller cages or aquariums, move their former homes first and let the pets take them back as soon as possible.

Can I transport plants?

You should avoid leaving the plants inside the van, except for the time necessary for the transport; but if, for transportation requirements, they have to be put into boxes, they should be moved last and in any case, unloaded first.

What about the packing of my belongings?

All that you need to pack
The material needed for a good packing includes:

- packing paper
- adhesive tape
- bubble wrap
- polystyrene
- cardboard containers in different sizes
- envelops for mattresses and pillows

Who will pack my belongings
In case you decide to hire us for the packing, in order to save time and reduce the workload, you will be surprised to discover how efficient we are and how little it will cost.
How to pack
First of all, we suggest that the boxes should not weigh more than 20 kilos, in order to make transportation easier. In any case, to build a resistant box is very easy: you only need to fold the edges and put some parcel adhesive tape on the lower side, then make a cross with it.

It is also very important to pack up the objects following their destination: bathroom, kitchen, sitting room, bedroom; in this way, it will be easier to find and to place the objects in your new house.
It is very important to remember to mark the boxes containing fragile objects or liquids to avoid turning them upside down or transporting them incorrectly.

Fragile objects should be separated by with bubble wrap layers.
Where to put your clothes
In order to prevent clothes from creasing, it is better to transport them hanging vertically; with regard to this, several solutions exist, it is up to you to find the best one, according to the vehicle you intend to use for the removal.

How to transport paintings and sculptures?

In order to wrap correctly paintings and sculptures, it is necessary to use a special paper called “cardboard bubble wrap, while for valuable works it is recommended to use a supplementary wrap with wood boxes. However, before any kind of transport it would be better to pay for an insurance policy covering your assets.

Who will disassembly my furniture and chandeliers?

Furniture disassembly
It is necessary to mark the direction of shutters and shelves before disassembling the furniture; furthermore, it is necessary to make a sketch of the structure so that one can remember the location of the various components.

Do I have to empty the drawers?
Not always, because sometimes it is enough to take out the drawer from its slot and to wrap in a bubble wrap layer; after that, you should just seal everything with adhesive tape; in this way, the objects inside the drawer will not come out and nothing will get lost.
How to disassembly the chandeliers
First of all, it is fundamental to remind that the main electric panel should be switched off! Then, you should disconnect the power of the chandelier and remove it. A chandelier can be transported safely but you should put in a box, which is sealed at the bottom and full of polystyrene.  

Can I get rid of my furniture?

When you move, you might realise that some furniture is no more useful, so you can get rid of it: disassembly the furniture, pack it and taking it to a storage facility or offer it for sale online.

Useful tips for a removal

Tips for an efficient and serene removal.

Civil registry

Change of residence is compulsory even if you only change the street number. 


In case of a new contract, it is useful to take with you a bill or a contract for another service in your new house; otherwise it is better to inform the supply company of the change of residence at least 3 weeks in advance. If you move in and take over a contract of a former owner, you should have with you his cancellation.  


You have to cancel the contract for the home you leave only if the new tenant will not take over the contract within 60 days; anyway, you should inform your supplier of the changes of residence at least 3 weeks in advance. If it is a condominium, generally this procedure is not necessary since the water supply concerns the whole condominium.
For private contracts, instead, you can address to your municipality and fill in the specific form for the take-over.




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